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The Landlords Choice Property Management is truly independent and is not owned by any other estate agent.

We offer exceptional client services, perfectly tailored to your personal requirements. We start by building a complete understanding of your needs and then dedicate the required time and effort to provide a management solution that meets your expectations.

We realise that there are many agents to choose from, yet, we stand out from the crowd because of the following reasons:

Flexible Property Management
Being a virtual and mobile property management agent we have the flexibility required for keeping our costs low, therefore transferring benefits of this where possible through to our perspective clients. You don’t bring the paperwork to us, we bring it to you!!

Competitive fees
We are up front and honest about our fees

Flexible Appointments
Viewings and appointments 7 days a week without the restriction of normal ‘9-5’ office hours. We fit in around your lifestyle.

Professional and Honest Advice
At all times, we give you expert and sincere advice on your property. With an excellent record with renewals, we also reduce the chance for potential periods of vacancy.

Authorized by Governing Bodies
As a full member of the Professional Property Redress Scheme (PRS), authorised by National Trading Standards and The Department for Communities and Local Government, we adhere to the strictest levels of professional conduct.

In-House Expertise
We have in-house maintenance knowledge and can advise you on all aspects of your property. This expertise helps us to fix issues more quickly and cost effectively.

Competent Suppliers
We know and trust the suppliers that we use and we are confident that they are the right people for the job.

Freedom of Choice
We have no incentive to sell add-on products or services. Our freedom of choice over our suppliers enables us to act in the interest of the landlord at all times.

No additional charges
Some agents charge additional fees to draft contracts, arrange for work to be carried out, make inventories and provide regulatory certifications. We provide these services at the same price that it costs us.

Strong Relationships
Both tenants and landlords work with the same property manager based locally to ensure a strong relationship is fostered and maintained.

Bespoke Management Services
We work with landlords to offer bespoke management services tailored to their needs; no two landlords have the same requirements. We take your expectations into consideration from the start.

No hidden costs
There are no hidden costs and we do not look to make additional profits. When we arrange for a plumber or electrician, no commission is charged on trade invoices. Word of mouth is responsible for bringing in a large proportion of our business – and we are proud of it.

Property Management Contract
There are no contract tie-ins, only 30 days notice period to serve, allowing you the flexibility to use our services for as little or long as you need.