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About us

The Landlords Choice Property Management was formed by a group of landlords with professional backgrounds in property and finance; a powerful combination. The founding partners recognised the need for a high–quality, reliable and trustworthy property management service that ensures the provision of a steady and substantial income from each and every property.

The Landlords Choice Property Management utilises the latest tools and technology of the digital age. Though not exhibiting a high–street presence, our company takes pride in the delivery of excellent and responsive services to landlords and investors alike. Our experienced professionals possess a friendly demeanour and are masters in their area of expertise.

The Landlords Choice Property Management is dedicated to providing unrivalled services for residential property management. We are highly focused on the needs of our clients and are committed to deliver only the best of services.

In a paradigm which is in a state of constant flux, and the changing requirements and regulations that necessitate due diligence and constant vigilance, a high level of trust and responsibility is required for property management. We promise to meet the high expectations of our clients for quality and timely delivery of services.

The Landlords Choice Property Management is solely dedicated to property management, and any maintenance services are contracted to local businesses. This ensures that every task is handled by none other than the professionals who have the experience and skills to do the job.

Please browse our website for a full description of our offered services.